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"I was honored to go back to the elementary school I attended as a child to read to the students."



Building equity and codifying the responsibility of Michigan’s public education system to put students first with the focus on the success of ALL students.


Working towards closing the gap in healthcare disparities to ensure everyone has access to quality healthcare regardless of income, race, age, or social status. Bring transparency to prescription drug pricing so that people do not have to decide on whether to buy food for their table or buy their medications.


Author responsible legislation to protect our citizens from harmful polluted air and continue the fight to improve and protect our drinking water from poisons. These laws will ensure all Michigan citizens their right to clean air and water by creating enforceable rules and strengthening standards to provide greater transparency and accountability between polluters and the communities they impact.


Sponsor, or co-sponsor laws and policies that create systems that hold officers and departments accountable for their negative actions. These laws will restore and/or build up public trust and fulfill the promise and oath by law enforcement to serve and protect all people.

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