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For the past three and a half years, I have had the honor and privilege of serving in our State Capitol and the State Representative for District 6. I am currently in my second term. Due to redistricting, I will be running for re-election in the new District 1 that encompasses part of Detroit and River Rouge. 


Please allow me to give you some information about me before I was elected my first term. I retired in 2008 as an Executive Lieutenant after twenty-five years with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.  During my career with the Sheriff’s Office, I was elected to several union positions: Steward, Bargaining Chair, Secretary, and Vice-President. I  served as Assistant Director of Public Safety at Wayne County Community College District.  At Southwestern High School, I was the Community Involvement Specialist until its closure.  I also served as President of the Original United Citizens of Southwest Detroit community organization from 2008 until 2018.  


I was elected to the Michigan State House in 2018.  During my first term, I served on the Energy, Education, Military, Veterans and State Police policy committees. I sponsored several bills that became laws. In my current term, I serve on the Corrections, Military Veterans and State Police, and Judiciary Appropriations Committees. I am the Vice Chair of Corrections, Military Veterans and State Police. In this position, I have been able to place funding in these critical areas to improve their services, and provide transparency and accountability.   I am the Assistant Leader of the Democratic Caucus, Vice Chair of the Detroit Caucus, and serve on the Adoption and Foster Care Task Force. 

The issues that we face in the District and the State are critical. I take the responsibility of representing you, our district, and our state very seriously. I work hard every day to improve the quality of life for seniors, children, families, and workers. The district deserves and needs proven, effective leadership that has the demonstrated the ability to get things done. 

I am requesting your support to continue the work that we have started. We are still exercising caution due to COVID-19. Hopefully, I will see you (within reason) as we knock on doors and canvass the district. You may contact me directly by phone, at 313-744-5925 or email


We are in a critical time when our rights are under attack. Now, more than ever, representation and leadership matters. I have a history of effective advocacy and leadership. I look forward to representing you in the Michigan State House of Representatives District 1.  

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